Cloud Migration Like No Other

Velostrata can migrate your enterprise applications and data to public cloud quickly, easily and without changing applications, images or storage.

Velostrata’s patent-pending technology uniquely decouples compute from storage and provides intelligent network boot and streaming, WAN and storage optimization, multi-tier caching, and data pre-fetching capabilities that make it possible to move compute to the cloud in minutes and seamlessly move storage in the background if and when it makes sense.

Simplify Cloud Migration

Without Velostrata: Replication-Based Migration

This method has many complex steps that increase risk during migration. The application and data must be replicated, configured, deployed and re-synchronized to avoid data loss, taking time and extensive oversight.

With Velostrata: Streaming-Based Migration

Velostrata simply moves the primary instance of the application to the cloud, which can be up and running in minutes, while data is migrated in the background. Velostrata provides built-in recovery should you want to move the application back on premises.

Migration Workflow

Decouple compute from storage

Velostrata’s patent-pending technology decouples compute (VMs) from storage (VMDKs) and gives you complete control to move workloads to and from the cloud as desired, with no changes to applications, images or storage.

Move workloads to and from the cloud in minutes

With a mouseclick, Velostrata shuts down the application on premises and reboots it in the public cloud in minutes, making all necessary modifications to the image on the fly. Full app performance is achievable in less than 20 minutes, as Velostrata intelligently moves only the elements needed to boot, then fetches additional data over time.

Multi-tier cache and optimized access to remote storage

Applications are fully operational in the cloud while data migrates transparently in the background.

Streaming-Based Migration

With streaming-based migration, applications are fully operational in the cloud while data migrates transparently In the background. Data changes are stored in the cloud, so you can cutover as soon as data is transferred from on-premises. However, up until you detach, you can always revert an application back on premises – a powerful safety net.

Detach cloud instance from on premises

Detach the workload from the data center and it is now fully cloud-enabled. Velostrata is faster, easier and less risky than replication-based migration.


REDUCE MIGRATION RISK Easily test applications for cloud performance and cost before you migrate; Because storage can be retained on premises while applications are in the cloud, you have a safety net. If you decide you want to move applications back on premises—or to another cloud provider—it’s as easy as a few mouse clicks.

REDUCE COSTS Eliminate data centers by migrating enterprise applications to the public cloud; reduce opex costs by simplifying and accelerating the migration process.

IMPROVE BUSINESS AGILITY Migrate compute in minutes while intelligently streaming data in the background; enable workload mobility across cloud regions without the need to move storage; support test/dev projects on demand.

IMPROVE OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY Leverage the same in house management tools and processes you use today, even after migration. No changes to the applications, images, or storage are required.

MITIGATE SECURITY AND COMPLIANCE RISKS Gain full control over where the data resides (on-premises, in the public cloud, or some combination.) Data is encrypted in motion and at rest.

Test Before You Migrate

Velostrata makes it easy to pre-flight an application in the cloud. Contact us to discuss your application and see if you’re a good candidate for our free pilot program.

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