Build Workload Mobility into Dev/Test

Many organizations have recognized the value of using public cloud for Dev/Test. Velostrata gives IT organizations even better agility and control for cloud workloads, making it possible to move compute to public cloud platforms for development while controlling where storage resides—on premises, in the the cloud or a combination of both.

Velostrata uniquely decouples compute from storage, and automatically adapts applications to run in the public cloud. IT managers don’t need to modify applications or images: it takes just a few mouseclicks to move an application to the cloud, or to move it from the cloud back on premises.

Velostrata leverages patent-pending technologies like intelligent streaming, WAN and storage optimization, multi-tier caching, and data pre-fetching capabilities keep apps running at speed, despite the WAN.

Simplify Dev/Test

Without Velostrata

Image conversion and storage migration for dev/test purposes is complicated and time-consuming.

With Velostrata

With Velostrata, no storage migration is required and image conversion is handled automatically and transparently. Data writes in the cloud can “cloud persist” or optionally be configured for write-back to the data center.


REDUCE INFRASTRUCTURE COSTS Provision the datacenter for actual demand, leverage public cloud economics and consumption model for extra capacity when needed.

IMPROVE AGILITY Move clones of production workloads to cloud in minutes - with no changes to apps or need to replicate storage first. Rent compute when you need it, and easily bring workloads back on premises when testing is complete..

SPEED DEVELOPMENT Quickly create Dev/test labs in cloud from templates managed on prem. No need to copy, maintain and manage dedicated templates in cloud (or per cloud).

REDUCE IMPACT ON PRODUCTION APPLICATIONS Free up on prem storage from the capacity and IOPS demands of testing, and prevent impact on primary application performance

Cloud Agility for Dev/Test

Whether you are developing new software or building on top of an existing framework, Velostrata makes it drop dead easy to leverage the cloud. Sound interesting? Learn more.

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