Point. Click. Cloud.

Velostrata software lets you move workloads to the public cloud in minutes, while controlling and automating where storage resides—on premises, in the cloud, or a combination of both.

Our patent pending technology uniquely decouples compute (VMs) from storage (VMDKs), and provides intelligent streaming, WAN and storage optimization, multi-tier caching, and data pre-fetching capabilities that make it possible to move compute to the cloud in minutes—and seamlessly move storage if and when it makes sense. These patent-pending technologies ensure optimal application performance, even over a WAN. Even better, you can move applications to AWS or Azure without changing the application, modifying the image, or changing your management processes.

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Installation and Deployment

Velostrata software is deployed within virtual appliances, and installation requires just a few steps. First, download and deploy the Velostrata OnPrem virtual appliance in the data center. Second, leverage Velostrata to create a Virtual Private Cloud, and a Virtual Private Network to securely link the VPC to your Velostrata OnPrem™ appliance. It’s important to note that all traffic between these points is encrypted end to end, both in flight and at rest.

Third, deploy a vCenter Plug-In from within Velostrata OnPrem™. Then, log in to the extended vCenter and click to automatically deploy a pair of Velostrata Edge™ virtual appliances in active/active configuration into the VPC. Each pair supports 50 concurrent VMs, and you can add more for scale.

Velostrata provides comprehensive tracking and performance reporting, so you have a complete view of your applications.

Velostrata vCenter plug-in. Right-click a VM to “run on-premises”

Velostrata vCenter plug-in. Right-click a VM to “run in cloud”

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Use Cases

Smart Migration

Use Velostrata to move your applications to the public cloud, without the complexity, downtime and risk of "replicate and sync" approaches.

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Cloud Dev/Test

Move Dev/Test workloads to and from the cloud with ease, so you get resources on demand without overprovisioning your data center.

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